Tour Itinerary

Bali By Pedals

Cycling Tours Itinerary

We begin the cycling tour by picking you up from your accommodation with an A/C van and drive up to Jatiluwih in Tabanan Region. It is a UNESCO Heritage Rice Paddy and this place is one of the largest favorite tourist destinations with beautiful rice terraces unfolding from the foot of Mt. Watukaru to all the way till the coast. Jatiluwih also famous for its organic agricultural system due to the unique location which is located on the plateau of Mountain making it suitable for this type of agriculture development. Red and black rice are very popular in this place.

We start our cycling tour at this point after having breakfast, tea or Bali coffee at one of the nice restaurants on the top of the Rice Terrace. Cycle through the middle of the Rice Paddy is absolutely amazing giving you the feeling like being on a different planet and a totally different atmosphere.

Feel free to stop at any point anywhere and anytime to enjoy all the interesting things you may find along the tour, take some photos, record videos, and interact with local villagers or just take a rest. We will be pleased to help you with anything you want to know along the way. People working on their farm or if you are lucky you’ll see them conducting a ceremony. Interact with local villagers and also visit the schools at the village, see how happy the kids are when they have tourist come and visit them. It’s provide for a fascinating experience.

We also visit village temples, traditional Balinese houses where you will see typical Balinese compound look like. Balinese houses are not created as a single huge building, but rather a collection of numerous structures within a walled enclosure each with special functions; such as a front open pavilion to receive guests, main bedroom, additional bedrooms, family temple, living area and a kitchen. The kitchen and living area used for everyday activities are usually separated from the family shrine. Most of these pavilions are created in Balinese bale architecture.

Half of the way point fresh young coconut will be served at our pit-stop area. From there we’ll continue the trip on a village road to the finish point and some scrumptious simple traditional Balinese lunch will be followed afterward at our little restaurant in the middle of the rice paddy.. Several local cuisine options are available that you can choose from and food will be served In a traditional Balinese setting. After lunch our driver will drop you back to your accommodation/ hotel.  Thank you for joining our tour and we are looking forward to seeing you next time you come.