About us

Bali by Pedals is a small family’s Cycling Tours business and we are stick to our mission of helping people on exploring the real Bali by bicycle (not a motor bike). It is fun, healthy, and easy thing to do with no traffic, no pollution, and no hustle & bustle. Although it’s a new and small company, Bali by Pedals will serves you with a great service making your Bali holiday a memorable one.

A bit About Ngurah Arya

Arya is a warm and friendly Balinese man, who has been working in tourism since December 2000. He is a very active man who loves to exercises and Cycling is one of his favorite sports. He built this Bike Tours business as he would like to share and show the beauty of his village in Tabanan. It is very famous with thousands hectares of  Rice Terraces from the foot of Mt.Watukaru. The name of this place is Jatiluwih. An original route starting from the top of the Rice Terraces through the jungle, traditional Villages and along quiet roads and trails to expose an untouched side of Bali. Experience an exhilarating ride and be welcomed by many friendly locals on the way. It’s truly amazing!

Bali by Pedals September 27th, 2014

Ngurah Arya